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ThinSoft for YMCA Technology

On the front end, ThinSoft for YMCA delivers a user-friendly experience with its intuitive architecture and easy-to-learn user interface. On the back end, the underlying technology is state-of-the-art. The core technology that is ThinSoft for YMCA is fast, responsive and robust. Every component of this application is leading edge, making ThinSoft for YMCA the solution to manage a YMCA operation today, and in the future.


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Database Powered by IBM   IBM Business Partner Logo

IBM Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) provides blazing online transaction processing (OLTP) performance, legendary reliability, and nearly hands-free administration to businesses of all sizes. IDS offers significant improvements in availability, manageability, security and performance. Highlights:

  • Solid, secure and reliable support for on-demand environments
  • Enhanced performance, availability, and database administrator and programmer productivity
  • Reduced deployment and management costs. Customize the data server footprint with the Deployment Wizard and the SQL API and scheduler which make it easier to automate maintenance activities
  • The GUI-based OpenAdmin Tool for IDS provides a global view of remote servers, with flexible analysis and drill-down to the query level
  • High security for compliance with government regulations
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - Many typical database administrator operations are self-managed by the IDS database, making it nearly hands-free. Administration activities can also be controlled within an application via the SQL API. Typically, IDS customers report using one-third or less of the staff needed to manage competitors' products
  • Shortened development cycles due to rapid deployment capabilities and choice of application development environments and languages
  • Flexible choices for business continuity with replication choices and the Continuous Availability Feature for shared disk cluster solutions, consequently eliminating the reliance on a "one-size-fits-all" solution
  • Continuous availability with HDR, RSS, etc.


Report Writer/Business Intelligence

Offering an extensive reporting structure, we now offer our customers the capability to create their own reports and dashboards.  Using one of the leading OEM tools, JasperSoft, we have full integration with ThinSoft datato accommodate your organization's custom reporting needs.

  • Dashboards
  • Drill down capability
  • User defined layouts and look and feel
  • Ability to run reports at a pre-determined time
  • E-mail distribution of reports



Because this system was developed using CASE technology, customization for your unique organizational needs can be easily and quickly accomplished by our staff of accomplished software engineers.  All customizations are supported into the base application, so no retrofitting of these modifications as new releases are introduced.  These enhancements are then available to all ThinSoft customers through our maintenance updates.

  • Tailor ThinSoft to fit specific needs
  • Behavior settings allow functionality to be turned on or off


Additional Package features:

  • One database throughout: "The Single Source of the Truth"
  • Unique Systems offers full hosting capabilities for those YMCAs that have adopted or wish to adopt Cloud infrastructure
  • Remote monitoring of your ThinSoft system notifies our technical staff of any issues well before they become issues for your facility's staff
  • All ThinSoft modules are written in IBM Genero for access to IBM's Informix database
  • Ultra fast server-based modules offer true multi-user security provisions
  • All ThinSoft modules have been developed with CASE tools allowing for rapid changes
  • Extensive user security and audit capability throughout all applications
  • ThinSoft modules run on Linux, eliminating the need for any license or renewal fees
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