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ThinSoft’s Payroll is designed specifically for the requirements of a YMCA with the flexibility to accommodate nearly any type of payroll requirement while remaining simple to use. Most details are managed during setup and maintenance allowing automated day-to-day operations. Payroll data is well organized, thus making maintenance easy and intuitive.

ThinSoft’s Payroll permits the creation and processing of disbursements through fully automated or manual entries. Each record can contain individual or global limits for any deduction or obligation, while allowing user assigned "frequencies" for each application. Sick leave and vacation pay tracking are automated through managing the accrual and corresponding payment of these hours.


  • Paperless design allowing for pay stubs and W-2’s to be distributed traditionally or via our online interface
  • Integrated photo ID card printing
  • Integration to ThinSoft Campaigning module for pledges to be collected via payroll deduction
  • Integration to ThinSoft Campaigning module for pledges to be collected via payroll deduction
  • Integrates seamlessly with ThinSoft Time & Attendance
  • Automatically tracks retirement fund hours and eligibility
  • Ability to report and transmit data to YERDI
  • Deductions/obligations based on gross, taxable, FICA or FUTA wage base
  • Custom tax table capability
  • User-defined default rates and limits for Income, Deductions and Obligations
  • User-defined Employee Types facilitate employee maintenance
  • Expense/liability accounting supported
  • Payroll generation from time cards or default values for employee
  • Supports magnetic media reporting and electronic data reporting to SSA
  • Easily modifiable tax tables
  • Direct deposit capability with multiple accounts per employee
  • Supports standard state withholding guidelines for 38 states
  • Supports rapid customization of state withholding for non-standard states
  • Global update of selected employee Income, Deduction, and Obligation code sets
  • Federal and State Unemployment Reports
  • Payroll Analysis Reports
  • Employee Recap Reports
  • Department of Labor reports
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