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Membership Information

The Membership Information module serves as the central hub for gathering data elements. Over 120 data elements are stored for each member, including the usual identifying information, plus a member photo, member type, critical dates, employer and demographic information, activity, child care data and payment information. Many reports, including Member Usage, Facility Usage, Member Retention and others, are included as a standard feature of the ThinSoft for YMCA application suite.

In addition to the standard reports, each data element captured on the Membership Information screens can be used to query the database for an instant view of the results of the search criteria. For example, if you wish to view the set of members who live in a certain zip code, by entering that zip code in the field and searching, you will instantly know the number and name of each record satisfying that criteria. If this set of data needs to be printed or further analyzed, this data can be exported to a spreadsheet format for additional study, manipulation, processing or reporting. Once this data is exported, other applications can use the data for creating labels and letters to members, creating ad hoc statistical reports and other management uses, as needed.

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