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Payment Processing

As member payments are processed using the Payment Processing module, a full audit trail of shift, clerk and branch is provided as receipts and deposit tickets are created. Payments via cash, check or credit card are accepted with ease. As with all screens, help and lookup functions are always available. Links to the Membership and Child Care payments screens are readily accessible for acceptance of these payments as well. Many reports are provided for reconciliation at shift end. An automated bank drafting process is implemented for ACH payments. If you you decide to host ThinSoft using Aktion's Cloud Services, our network engineers can help you achieve PCI compliance at your facility.

Payment Processing module features include:

  • Multiple sale and payment types
  • Automated integration with eCard and eCashflow
  • PCI compliant if hosted
  • EMV credit card ready
  • Real time Credit card authorization
  • Centralized failed transaction
  • Cash drawer tendering
  • Shift audit and bank deposit creation

Payment Processing screen example

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