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Facility Access

ThinSoft for YMCA's Facility Access module is fully integrated with the Membership Information module. Front desk personnel use this module to process member access. Bar-coded member identification cards are scanned for facility entrance with the option of manual entry without card and centralized guest pass tracking. Usage statistics can be easily determined for member or sponsoring employer information. Authorized branch personnel can update member records, create photo ID’s and enroll new members using this integrated approach.  "Granted" or "Denied" status, with corresponding audio cues, keep track of your members status. Facility notes can be added to the member file to be viewed by your front desk staff for bill reminders, found items, or even birthday wishes!

Facility Access module features include:

  • Audio and visual entrance cues that alert your staff
  • Bar code and touch pad entry
  • Gate and door control
  • Guest pass issuing and tracking
  • Note reminders for your front desk personnel

ThinSoft Facility Access screen

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