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Child Care

ThinSoft's Child Care module coordinates multiple center activities while maintaining close synchronization to the Membership Information module. Child Care centers can register, invoice and accept payments through this module. You have your choice of using cash or accrual method of accounting.  In addition, facility, transportation, parent and school rosters, income and enrollments reports, and accounting statements are among the various reports provided in this module.  Child Care also offers automated check-in/check-out of children that are enrolled in Child Care.  Included with Child Care is the capability to create form generation and accounting of public or Family Services Funding, including data transmission to your controlling agency.

Child Care module features include:

  • Online registration, scheduling, and payment
  • Custom registration questions
  • Cash or Accrual accounting methods supported
  • Full drafting support
  • Integrates to Payment Processing module
  • Roster and transportation schedules
  • Auto Attendance pick up and drop off
  • Summer registration
  • Public funding/DHS payment options
  • Batch invoice creation

ThinSoft Child Care auto attendant screen

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