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Easy to use, easy to implement, ThinSoft is your complete solution. No add-ons or third-party applications are needed. Why should you choose ThinSoft? The answer is easy. Choice: you have the flexibility to choose how you want to deploy the solution -- on premise or in the Cloud. It is the same robust functionality. Regardless, YOU own YOUR data. Cost: ThinSoft is the lowest total cost solution available.

Thinsoft | Exactly what you need



multi-function tool

Exactly what you need.

With over a dozen, function-specific modules, customizable code, and support from a team of developers familiar with the unique needs of non-profit and rec facilities, ThinSoft for YMCA can help your organization.

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Fail-Safe Solution

Staying afloat?

Unique Systems has a mission -- and it's more than helping non-profit and recreational organizations "stay afloat." Jump in and learn all about the Unique Systems goals and how the ThinSoft for YMCA product is helping achieve them.

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An All-Access Pass

Your Free Pass.

Swipe your access card and come see how Unique Systems' ThinSoft  solution has been helping facilities across the country better serve their members and their communities. Join a web cast or attend an event to learn more.

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